Bullet Soul is the Next 360-Era Shooter Escaping to Steam


Arcade shooters have had a nice renaissance on PC in the last eighteen months or so, helped in no small part by high-profile releases of Cave’s games.  Cave is by no means the only developer getting this treatment, though, and other developers such as Triangle Service have seen their libraries getting dusted off and given a new home as well.  The latest game to get fished out of undeserved obscurity is Bullet Soul, which was originally made for the Xbox 360 rather than arcades, and this comes through with a more forgiving nature than its quarter-chomping kindred.  It’s a pure crowd-pleaser, big and flashy and not overly complicated, both a nice entry-level shooter for newbies and fun to kick back with for those who are already fans of the genre.  The Steam version comes with all the DLC from the earlier versions, including  Version B, the overpowered Bancho modes, a time-attack bonus level, and leaderboards for each character and mode.  Bullet Soul releases April 7, adding another Japanese arcade shooter to the expanding collection on Steam.

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