Hitman’s Elusive Target 18 ‘The Chameleon’ is Out in the Wild


It’s that time again for Agent 47 – an elusive target needs taking down and 47 is the man for the job.

The newest elusive target dubbed The Chameleon aka Richard M Foreman. Like all previous elusive targets, Foreman will only stick around for seven days, so time is of the essence. Aside from having to eliminate Foreman in an “accidental death”, a certain set of documents must be retrieved to complete the mission.

Completing the mission will net Agent 47, the Hunter’s cap and Tactical Gear. Taking down Foreman is also the first opportunity to earn the Winter Suit which requires taking down five Elusive Targets with a Silent Assassin rating.

Like the seventeen Elusive Targets before him, Foreman is a one-shot deal. Once the mission starts it will be the only chance Agent 47 has, to take down the target. Restarting is not an option once a target has been eliminated or when any objective has been completed. So, plan accordingly.

Check out more info on The Chameleon in the briefing below:


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