Keep an Eye on Your Kids by using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls


Kids can get pretty obsessed with video games and trying to set gaming guidelines could be tough. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch is compatible with a new app the company has created to let parents easily set times for their children to play. The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is an app for your smart phone to monitor playing habits.

The introductory video shows Bowser being a responsible parent and making sure Bowser Jr. isn’t becoming overly consumed by video games. You can set certain times, days, and hours for games to be played. It will even let parents know if their child has ignored the timer to continue playing. If that happens there is a remote option to put the Switch into sleep mode should the need arise. The app also displays which games have been favorited and played the most. Then personalize it to restrict social media interactions and other online functions.

It will be available for Apple and Android devices. This may not be the most desired feature to come from the Switch but could definitely help out some parents. Check out the pretty adorable video below to learn more.


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