Nintendo Confirms the Nintendo Switch Dock Increases Performance


Nintendo has accidentally confirmed that a long-rumored feature is indeed true.

Many have long guessed that the Nintendo Switch dock would offer some kind of performance enhancement. While the handheld mode would feature reduced power to conserve battery life and keep costs down, the TV mode would feature more power. Turns out, the rumor is true.

While Nintendo didn’t mention it last night during their press conference, they did mention it in a new press release. While the tablet screen will be capped at a 720p resolution, TV mode will be able to output up to 1080p. For example, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will run at a native 1080p resolution when in TV mode:

“Drive through in 1080p HD quality in TV mode,” reads the release.

The change in resolution between the two different modes was likely done to conserve battery life. While the Switch tablet can last up to 6.5 hours alone, graphics-intensive games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can bring that number down to a meager three hours. It is unknown what resolution other games will run in when in handheld and TV mode.

Nintendo Switch launches March 3 for $299.99. Be sure to check back for all the breaking Nintendo Switch news.

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