Nintendo States Dead Pixels on Switch ‘Not an Issue’


The Nintendo Switch released on March 3 to very much hype. The hybrid home-portable console received a lot of mixed reviews. One of the most noted issues involve syncing issues with the left joycon controller. If that was tolerable, this next defect may not be. People are reporting dead pixels on the less than five day old console’s screen. Nintendo’s FAQ page states that this is normal. Sounds like Nintendo is covering its butts. There is no excuse for a console that is days old that is having issues with a LCD screen that, while common, happens much further in the life cycle. It just shows the quality behind this project that cost customers $299 at launch.

“Small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. These are normal and should not be considered a defect.”

Nintendo does not seem to accepting to covering replacement Switch consoles this early on. If someone is having an issue with this, there may be hope down the road. Nintendo had issues with the same thing with its DS portable system years ago. The company initially stated the same thing, but eventually would remedy this situation. Either way, this is potentially another derogatory remark on the launch of this system. On another note, it also seems that Nintendo has removed the Switch Docking Station from its store. This could be what is causing the dead pixel issue.

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