Pokemon Sun & Moon’s demo has accidentally leaked the game’s Pokedex


Oops! Spoilers abound: You’ve been warned.

After this exact same thing happened with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire you’d think The Pokemon Company and developers Game Freak would’ve been a little more careful, but today’s release of Pokemon Sun & Moon’s demo onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop means that major spoilers for the game are now freely available.

For some reason, the demo includes data for a lot of the full game, which includes much of the game’s Pokedex. If you want to know what other classic Pokemon have Alola Forms, what the evolutions of the starter Pokemon look like or anything else in between, the voracious Pokemon fanbase has you covered.

If you’re a Pokemon fan planning to pick up Sun and Moon, you might want to unplug from the web now. It’s going to be a rough ride to the final release. We’ll have spoiler-free thoughts on the demo on the site pretty soon, and we’ll always spoiler warn in stories like this – so you know you’re safe with us.

We’re going to embed some of the talk from fans who have been digging into the files below.

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